New Morningstar 4.15 M3

Price AU $3,300

AU $3,300
The Morningstar Boats are revolutionary because of their unique aluminium plate formed hulls. During forming, thousands tonnes of force is applied on premium aluminium plates and the material becomes a little liquid-like, evenly spreading on dedicated design dies. Flat plates become complex shapes. This allows the single plate bottom of Morningstar Boats to incorporate reverse chines, strakes, and variable deadrise, and eliminate an external extrusion keel. Additionally, side plates and gunwales can now be integrated into a streamline shape with second chine and flared-bow. Together, these formed plates give the hull outstanding hydraulic properties, static and dynamic. That's why we call it the Hydro Hull.

For 30 years, I have raced Off-shore Power Boats and have met and worked with some very talented people in the boating industry, which has brought me to where we are today with Stefan Boating World on the Gold Coast.

Stefan Boating World will continue to find the best boats in the world for the cheapest prices. Like Karnic from Europe, Fibrafort from the Americas, and Morningstar the best tinnie in the world.

Stefan Boating World aspires to do for the boating industry what Hyundai did for the car industry.

We are very serious to help you get "the boat of your dreams at a dream price. " Browse through this website to see the amazing boats we offer. Give us a call or visit us at 27 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Gold Coast for a test drive!
Gold Coast QLD
Family, Leisure, Cruising
13' 7" - 4.15m
Hull Material

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