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Price AU $54,990

AU $54,990
Fibrafort F210 Bowrider
A sporty, nicely finished bay runabout from Brazil's leading recreational powerboat builder
The South American Fibrafort F210 is smart looking fibreglass/polyurethane composite bowrider with a roomy interior, plenty of standard features and versatile seating layout. The F210 proved agile performer with a fun drive.

- Fibrafort looking to gain a foothold in the Aussie market
Fibrafort is a relatively unknown name in the Australian marine market, but this Brazilian-based fibreglass boat manufacturer is one of the leading brands in its home country, and has representation in 43 countries around the world.

Priced from: $54,990 including a Yamaha 115hp longshaft (20") four-stroke outboard, oceanic single axle galvanised steel braked trailer, bimini, inshore safety gear pack, and boat and trailer registrations.
Length overall: 6.37m
Hull length: 6.18m
Beam: 2.32m
Hull weight: 750kg
Towing weight: Approx 1600kg
Deadrise: 19 degrees
Maximum power: 150hp
Engine as tested: Yamaha 150hp four-stroke outboard
Fuel: 100 litres
Water: 28 litres
Maximum Persons: Eight

All models are manufactured to exceed European standards and constructed using a fibreglass/polyurethane composite to achieve a durable, hard wearing, yet attractive finish.

For safety and seaworthiness, the hulls are injected with closed cell foam to provide positive buoyancy, equivalent to our Level Flotation standard.

This foam is also used to add stiffness and rigidity to each hull structure and to suppress hull noise and patter when running underway in choppy water.

In the Fibrafort boat range, there are some 15 models. They range from the 4.8m outboard-powered 160 bowrider through to the superb F400 Gran Coupe, a twin screw luxury 12m power cruiser that would look quite at home moored up alongside the super yachts in the marinas along the French Riviera.

We ran a previous news item, in fact, about the Fibrafort F400 being available through Boating Syndications Australia.

But while the flagship F400 Gran Coupe shows off Fibrafort's impressive design and manufacturing capability, the bowriders and runabouts in the 5.0-7.0m size range are the company's best-selling models.

In Australia, Fibrafort boats have been available for a few years, but have yet to really make a mark. Current Fibrafort dealer, Stefan Boating World, is keen to change that and is now importing a range of models best suited to local boating applications.

The first of the Fibraforts offered to us for testing is the F210 Bowrider. This is a huge selling model in its home country and around the world, and it is hoped this practical, well appointed craft will do equally well Down Under.

- Great price, lots of gear, good to go
Fibrafort dealer, Stefan Boating World, is keen to get more bums in boats so to speak, so they are offering the new Fibrafort F210 with competitively priced starter packages.

Coupled with a Yamaha 115hp four-stroke outboard and Oceanic Single axle braked trailer, safety gear and registrations, the F210 can be yours for $54,990. That's a great price considering the F210 is a 20-footer loaded with standard gear.

Overall rating: 4.72/5.0
Mechanical/equipment: 4.8/5.0
Packaging and practicality: 4.7/5.0
On the water performance: 4.7/5.0
Value for money: 4.8/5.0
X-factor: 4.6/5.0

5.2kts (9.6km/h) @ 1000rpm
6.5kts (12.0km/h) @ 1500rpm
8.0kts (14.8km/h) @ 2000rpm
16.7kts (30.9km/h) @ 2500rpm
22.2kts (41.1km/h) @ 3000rpm
25.0kts (46.2km/h) @ 3500rpm
29.5kts (54.6km/h) @ 4000rpm
32.1kts (59.4km/h) @ 4500rpm
36.0kts (66.6km/h) @ 5000rpm
39.0kts (72.1km/h) @ 5500rpm
40.6kts (75.1km/h) @ 5800rpm (WOT)

2.8 l/ph @ 1000rpm
5.1 l/ph @ 1500rpm
9.0 l/ph @ 2000rpm
12.6 l/ph @ 2500rpm
16.2 l/ph @ 3000rpm
21.0 l/ph @ 3500rpm
28.2 l/ph @ 4000rpm
33.8 l/ph @ 4500rpm
42.2 l/ph @ 5000rpm
53.5 l/ph @ 5500rpm
62.5 l/ph @ 5800rpm (WOT)

Specifications: Fibrafort F210
Price as tested: $62,990 including a Yamaha 150hp longshaft (20") four-stroke outboard, Oceanic tandem axle galvanised steel braked trailer, bimini, camper covers, inshore safety gear pack, boat and trailer registrations.

For 30 years, I have raced Off-shore Power Boats and have met and worked with some very talented people in the boating industry, which has brought me to where we are today with Stefan Boating World on the Gold Coast.

Stefan Boating World will continue to find the best boats in the world for the cheapest prices. Like Karnic from Europe, Fibrafort from the Americas, and Morningstar the best tinnie in the world.

Stefan Boating World aspires to do for the boating industry what Hyundai did for the car industry.

We are very serious to help you get "the boat of your dreams at a dream price. " Browse through this website to see the amazing boats we offer. Give us a call or visit us at 27 Waterway Drive, Coomera, Gold Coast for a test drive!
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Family, Leisure, Cruising
20' 3" - 6.17m
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